5 May:

Yeah, we managed it!! On friday afternoon, two colleagues from the ZEH company will show their work. They will airbrush your shirts with motives of your Transalp or whatever you want. Your creativity is asked here....

To get an idea of their fantastic creations, visit their Homepage or the Shop.

Lets change from nice drawings to nice photos: Needless to say, that a group photo of all participants is mandatory as well as photos of all attending nations. In order that everybody will be on the photo, we have engaged a photographer who will take these pictures. He will make a CD for everyone of you, which we will give you as a gift in memory of this 17th ITT here in Bischofsmais.

The photos of each nation will be taken on Thursday evening (21st.) at 6 pm in the front of the main building. The appropriate flag will be provided. ;-) Please schedule this appointment with your arrival – it's a pity if the groups are not complete.

Our photograhper will also take pictures from the opening ceremony including the introduction of each attending nation as well as the group-photo of all participants on friday morning in the spa garden. Therefor our request: please be at your motorbikes right in time on Friday morning at 9.30AM – needless to say with a full tank…

Tours to the Czech Republic

As some of our tours will lead to the Czech Republic we want to point out the following:

  • Entry: As the Czech Republic has signed the Schengen Agreement the border controls of persons have been cancelled. EU-Citizens just need a valid passport, identity card or a child's identity card. Interim ID's are accepted also. Children under 16 years old are permitted to enter also as long as they are registered in one of the parent's passport. Children's passports require a photo.
    Non-EU-Citizens need a passport, which is valid for at least 6 month from the day of entry. In some cases even a visa is required. There is a list available on the homepage of the czech State Department of those countries whoses citizens need a visa.
  • Traffic Rules:The blood-alcohol limit is at 0,0 promille! Traffic controls are carried out regularly. In case of suspected alcohol or other drug consumption the policemen are allowed to take a saliva test.
    Car drivers need to turn on lights and motor bikers need to have a set of bulbs. Offences will be quite expensive.
    In case of accidents with personal injury or material damage exceeding 20.000,-Kc (about 750,-EUR) you have to call the police.
    You have to pay a toll charge (Vignette) for motorways and 4-lane highways.
    Maximum allowed speed: 50km/h in town, 90km/h outside towns and 130km/h on highways.
    (Source: German State Department, ADAC)

17 April:

Wow - more than 250 participants!! That never happened before. Powerded by this we feel even more encouraged to present you an amazing event and show you the most beautiful roads in the Bavarian Forest.

As there are a lot of individualists in such a big group, who want to go on their own, we have a special motorbike map for every one of you. These maps are weatherproof, writeable and offer a lot of information about sights as well as for your own route planning. And the best of all: they are free of charge for you.


Basically we assume that the weather will be fine and that all the snow will be gone until then, which was there in march at the Arberseehaus.



Anyhow at easter it was already looking a bit better...



But don’t worry: we are also prepared for bad weather and we have some interesting hints which will be a valuable alternative.

Among these are some of the earlier mentioned locations, e.g. The Gewölbe der Geheimnisse in Viechtach, the Gläserne Scheune and the silver-mine in Bodenmais.



Apart from that the Haus zur Wildnis, the privat owned motorbike museum Kollnburg close to Furth im Wald and, not only for smokers, the cigar fabrik in Perlesreut are worth seeing too.



For those of you, who are more interested in culture, a recommendable destination would be the "Three-River-City" Passau with its sights.



In case of fine weather, a trip with a steam boat is a must. So you will have the loveliest views to the old town of Passau and the junction of Donau, Inn and Ilz.


26 March:

The ITT is coming closer, only 2 months to go until we will meet each other in Bischofsmais. Our Transalps should be waked up from winter break, we are all looking forward to it.

In order to put you in the right mood for the event and the location we have collected some useful links for you.

Around Bischofsmais:

First, there is the Homepage of Bischofsmais with a lot of general information. For all who are keen on sports – especially for the bicyclists – the Bikepark Bischofsmais will be an interesting place. To get a better idea see also this video. For those, who don`t like it that racy: on the Geisskopf there is a toboggan run. Not only for kids the Zauberwald at the Geisskopf could be worth to visit.

In the neighborhood of Bischofsmais there are much more interesting places to visit as the culture should not be missed either:

The Gläserne Wald as well as the Gläserne Scheune are addressed to one of the most famous landmarks of the Bavarian Forest – the glas. More informations could be found here.

A nice and typical example for a smaller glasfactory is the Riedlhütte Glasscherben Köck.

Another small but exceptionell museum is the Gewölbe der Geheimnisse where you can learn what’s the link between Bavaria and Egypt. It is really worth seeing and the associated Espressobar “ISIS” is inviting you for a cup of coffee. If you are interested in more culture, we can also recommend to visit the Museumsdorf Tittling or the Freilichtmuseum Finsterau.

Unforgettable impressions and views offers the Waldwipfelweg Maibrunn. In Bodenmais we recommend to visit the Panorama vom Silberberg (view from the Silberberg) and the Besucherbergwerk, an old mine where you can dip into the hard work of silvermining. The Bärwurz is another well-known symbol of the Bavarian Forest. How this liqueur is produced can you see at the Gläsernen Destille in Böbrach. There you will find a very nice beer garden also.

Last but not least, motorcycling should not be missed at all. To see what it is about have a look at this. The most famous meeting place for motobikers is located at the Arbersee. Don’t miss it!! Here you will find some hints for Bikertours.

Finally here are some links to homepages with general informations about the region:

Follow the links for further informations about the Bavarian Forest and the Arber-Region. Additional you’ll find the Imagevideo Arberland and some excursion tips.